Hanoi Coaches

Hanoi tennis club is honored to work with the capital’s best tennis trainers, now available to share their experience with you

Clément Vermeulen
Certified Trainer FFT
Clement is Head Coach of Franck Leroux Tennis Academy, Hanoi
Jean-Luc Touillou
Certified Trainer FFT
Jean-Luc is Head Coach of Hanoi Tennis Federation
Baptiste Gilloz
Certified Trainer FLTA
Baptiste is Head Coach of Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin
Andy Villabuena
Trainer Assistant
Andy is always there to bring fun while enjoying some tennis time!
Thai Bao Pham
Trainer Assistant
Thai Bao Pham, as a trainer will help your kids to go out of their boundaries, never let them...
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FLTA is a successful combination of a unique Pedagogy, coaches Professionalism and contagious Passion. Everyone loves it! A simple fact: 100% of players decide to join the program after trying it for free. I am more than happy to ensure the original DNA of the academy remains authentic

Clement Vermeulen, Head Coach of FLTA