Kids Tennis Day 2016

On the occasion of the World Tennis Day, FLTA Hanoi was proud to promote Hanoi tennis among the youngest. They had more chances than ever to get court up in the tennis madness!

img_1174 img_1122

The event took place at Xuan La Tennis Club in Hanoi, Vietnam, and was displayed on 4 tennis courts, corresponding to 4 different levels of play and ages.

img_1203 img_1221

Beginners quickly learnt a few basics during their tennis lessons in Hanoi…


… while more advanced players got to face the legendary machine ball!


But in the end, every little Hanoi tennis players of the day returned home with a gift…


… and awesome memories.


School on the Boat association was also here to take care of the face-painting requests and received 100% of entry tickets revenue: 2.560.000 VND


Thanks for all those who came, you can check out The Thao TV press video here :



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