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Franck Leroux Tennis Academy is a 37 years old international tennis academy, teaching players of all ages and levels, coaching them to achieve their personal best

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Promoting Tennis in Vietnam

FL Tennis Academy Hanoi is regularly involved in several events to improve and grow the passion for tennis in Vietnam

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  • Nurturing Vietnamese talent in tennis
  • Hanoi tennis Kids Day

Hanoi Coaches

FL Tennis Academy Hanoi is honored to work with Vietnam best tennis trainers that now can become your personal coach and help you win

Clément Vermeulen
Certified Trainer FFT
Clement is Head Coach of Franck Leroux Tennis Academy, Hanoi
Jean-Luc Touillou
Certified Trainer FFT
Jean-Luc is Head Coach of Hanoi Tennis Federation
Andy Villabuena
Trainer Assistant
Andy is always there to bring fun while enjoying some tennis time!
Thanh Nghi Tran
Trainer Assistant
When you got a problem just call Nghi he will come from the cloud and help you win
Thai Bao Pham
Trainer Assistant
Thai Bao Pham, as a trainer will help your kids to go out of their boundaries, never let them...
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As a teacher myself and a P.E. teacher of ten years, FLTA coaches clearly understand the golden rule, which is to keep students active for the whole 90 minutes and not let them stand idol in lines waiting their turn. They treat and greet players and parent individually with warmth and respect at every practice. They have turned my daughter into a tennis player with a level of skill and enjoyment of the game that I am sure will encourage her to play for a lifetime!


Rod Kormylo, Canada

Frank Leroux Tennis Academy is the best solution for kids to learn how to play tennis in Hanoi. All coaches are very professional and know how to teach tennis very well. The most important is they are very good with kids. My olders son is currently taking group tennis lessons and I plan to enroll my younger son this fall. Great job FLTA !


Ruslan Gatin, Russia

My both sons joined FLTA almost one year ago, and they made my boys look forward to hitting the court every weekend. My sons really enjoy their tennis lessons with coach Clement, he is a great coach, doing a great job and providing with an amazing experience. They have improved greatly, especially my first son who 8 years old, we all noticed a dramatic improvement in his tennis.


Ms. Harshani Bandara, Sri Lanka

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